Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The first session is known as the assessment session.  In this session I will ask “why you have come to counselling,”  and talk about the problems you are having.  This is also a chance for you to ask me any questions and to check -out your understanding with-in our session.  If you feel the session went well and would like to continue  further sessions with me, then I will arrange a appointment which suits you.

Counselling is normally weekly, and can last for anything between one session and one year or more depending on your issues.

As a rule I’d say about 6-8 sessions.  Depending on what you would like to work on.

 I have daytimes and evening appointments available and will sometimes work on a Saturday morning.

Yes.  As I have found that  counselling greatly benefits client’s, when the relationship is built between us on a regularly basic, allowing trust to grow and presenting problems are then freely explored.

we can arrange your appointments around your shifts.

I can help with all sorts of problems.  From Depression, anxiety, anger, loss and bereavement, addictions, low self esteem and confidence, relationships, suicide and self harm.  Please contact me and talk to me if your problem is not listed here. As I do cover many issues.

Some people go to therapy hoping that the therapist can fix all their problems, but it is only you (and your partner if you are going as a couple) who can make changes in your life.  The therapist can help you think about what you want, and how you might go about getting it, but they can’t do it for you.

Therapy works best for people who are really committed to it.  Try to make time for therapy, and also make time between sessions to think about what you have discussed or try out ideas. It helps if you are open-minded and ready to think about different possibilities

Anything which is mentioned in the counselling room is totally confidential and is not mentioned outside the therapy room.  However there maybe some circumstances where confidentiality will be broken,  but I will discuss this with you first.