How a small decision can turn your life around

Life can be overwhelming, I agree, but you can take charge of it and turn it around for the better. You have to believe in yourself and find ways to solve your problems.

You can start by calming your breath. When you calm your breath several things happen in your body. You slow down your heart rate. Your brain receives stress hormones and start slowing down so you can focus. You are able to think more clearly and make better decisions that will enhance your life.

If it helps, light a candle. Candles are a huge part of leading a hygge life. Hygge is term from the Danish that carry several meanings including, but not limited to warmth, comfort, friendship, and enjoying simplicity. A candle is simple and it gives you warmth, comfort, and brings a sense of wonder to the moment. Sit at a comfortable couch or chair, wrap yourself in a soft blanket, close your eyes and just take in the moment.

When you think you are ready, start planning what you can do to help change your situation. Take notes.

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